Avezika Hotels & Resorts franchise: select a strong brand

The franchise allows hotel owners and managers to keep their independence while benefiting from the support of a regional operations representative.

How does it work?

As a franchise owner in our group, you will benefit from additional revenue generated by

  1. Reservation systems
  2. Sales teams
  3. Marketing resources
  4. Advertising campaigns
  5. Any other important initiatives of Avezika Hotels & Resorts

Moreover, a strong brand supporting your hotel business will ease your search for funding from lending institutions.

How long is the term of the contract and how much are the payments?

The franchise agreement is for a minimum term of 15 years. Payments to Avezika Hotels & Resorts correspond mainly to a percentage of sales. They are based on a win-win principle, and are proportionate to the sales performance of the hotel.

What is the investor’s profile?

Do you want to acquire a hotel, and manage it yourself while receiving the marketing and operational support from a major brand? Are you the owner or manager of a hotel and want to boost your sales performance?

Become a franchise of Avezika Hotels & Resorts, benefit from our various distribution channels and take advantage of our operational advice.

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