A comprehensive range of investments spanning 1 to 3 star properties, contract suited for franchise management and management contract. Small properties, responsive structures have powerful growth potential, especially when it comes to tier 2 and 3 cities. Avezika Hotels & Resorts is has wealth of experience, our development team helps you to define and realize your project.

 Step 1: Build your project!

What does that involve?

A. Due Diligence

• Analysis of the market and potential of the site

• Determining the most appropriate positioning

• Creating financial projections

Avezika Hotels & Resorts development team will be at your side providing you with years of expertise.

B. Choosing a brand

Avezika Hotels & Resorts will assist you to choose the brand name most appropriate for

your hotel from a set of respected and complemented brands.

C. Sizing the project

• What is the optimal number of rooms for your hotel?

• What is the value added by incorporating a restaurant, conference rooms or other


• Meeting with listed architects and interior designers

• Assistance and advice provided by the group’s technical and purchasing


D. Choose a business model: Based on your needs and your specific project, we offer:

Franchise: You are the owner and manager of your hotel. You channelize the operations to achieve the targets of the companies.

Management contract: You are the owner of a hotel, and you entrust us with its management within the framework of a contract for the provision of services.

Step 2: Implement your sales activities

Avezika Hotels & Resorts supports your sales and operational activities. The expertise of our teams will allow you to optimize sales and create dynamic rates at every distribution level: business and leisure customers, individuals or groups.

E. Comprehensive reservation services

Using our reservation systems, your customers will easily find your hotel. The advanced Property Management System (PMS), brand websites, telephone reservation system, Global Distribution System (GDS), partner websites, Hotel For You mobile application, direct check in/out and more.

F. Diverse training opportunities for your teams

In a constantly changing hospitality industry, people are the most important resources. Avezika Hotels & Resorts therefore offers a wide range of training opportunities, adapted to operational and managerial positions. Based on your geographic area, they are available at a regional location or on-site.

G. Regular meetings

We believe good communication is important, we encourage our franchises to keep in contact with our Avezika Hotels & Resorts teams on a regular basis. Based on the brand, we organize periodic meeting with the representatives of our franchise partners. We also organize regular conferences open to all owners, franchises and managers. Steering committees are also in place to intervene on important matters concerning all stakeholders.

H. Ongoing brand protection

To increase the value of your investment, maintain quality and strengthen our brands, several surprise visits to each hotel take place annually. These evaluations serve as
management tools that provide a way for our franchises to assess themselves and
encourage their teams to improve their customer service skills as much as possible.

I. Optimized procurement management

Avezika Hotels & Resorts makes its group purchasing organization available to its partners, offering prices negotiated at a country scale. This system makes it possible to guarantee the flow of supplies and ensure the consistent quality required by our brands.